Gong Wash with Preston Klik

Ocean Of Devotion Gong Meditation by Preston Klik
• doors@5:30pm, start@6, end@7:30
• $25
• INFO= 630-246-2356 www.poweredgeyoga.com
Preston Klik’s Ocean Of Devotion GONG MEDITATION is a gentle-but-dynamic, 90-minute (including talking) acoustic journey, often very quiet, but at times powerfully intense. Preston plays a 36-inch HEART GONG, plus crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, ocean drum, smaller gongs, chimes, etc. His “portable temple” is surrounded by candles. This richly cinematic musical odyssey-meditation is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the ear, heart, body, mind, and spirit.

• “If prayer had a sound, this might be it.”
• Remove barriers between yourSelf & your full expression of Love.
• Use sacred sound to dissolve & release dis-empowering stories.
• Align yourSelf with Source so Spirit can express through you, AS you.
• GONG WASH INFO www.thekliks.com/#!ocean-of-devotion-gong-wash/c1hi6
• Wear comfortable odor-free clothing. Some cushions & pillows & eye-masks are provided.

Preston Klik combines his love of sound with his passion for spirituality in his true Calling: Sound Healing-Meditation. As a Gong-Whisperer, he creates sacred space so others enter a Portal of Higher Consciousness. He lives with his wife Emily in their Temple Synphorium, Evanston IL. www.Klik.Love
Preston’s a follower of many teachers and paths: Amma, Christ, Ken Wilber, Buddha, Andrew Cohen, Adi Da, Adyashanti, Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Gandhi, Landmark Forum, Mother Teresa, Rumi, TM.

• “Your session at Body Mind Spirit Expo in Milwaukee was very profound and powerful.” – Neeley
• “You’ve no idea how grateful I am for the private Gong Wash yesterday. It made a tremendous impact. I’ve never experienced such good work on the bowls. You’re very talented and not a wanna-be spiritualist (don’t ask). You saved me.” – Val, burbs
• “That was the best gong experience I’ve ever had! A dark stormy night is my favorite setting, and your awesome rain-making instrument took me to that place of peace. Another sound reminded me of knives, and it actually cut a cord in my back that I’ve been working on for a few days. Can’t wait to have you back.” – Susan, Yorkville
• “I’ve never felt like this before. All I gotta say is holy!” – JR


Flexible Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

We know you’re busy!

Would you like to pick your own schedule for your Yoga Teacher Training experience? Sign up for our training Sundays 5-8pm. Pick and choose the Sundays that work for you! Register.

Here is a list of our Sunday classes in our Naperville location:

Date Class Name
10/9/16 Yamas
10/15/16 Ayurveda
10/15/16 Teach One Another
10/23/16 Niyamas
10/29/16 Anatomy In English
10/29/16 Ayurveda
10/29/16 coreXyoga® Training
10/29/16 Snippet Class Design
10/29/16 Snippets How to teach Yoga
10/29/16 Teach One Another
10/30/16 Asanas
11/5/16 8 Limbs of Yoga
11/5/16 Teach One Another
11/6/16 Pranayama
11/6/16 Teach One Another
11/13/16 Pratyahara
11/13/16 Teach One Another
11/20/16 Dharana
11/20/16 Teach One Another
12/4/16 Dhyana
12/4/16 Teach One Another
12/11/16 Samadhi
1/8/17 Ethics for Yoga Teacher YTT
1/15/17 Benefits and Cons of Yoga YTT
1/29/17 Addressing Your Population
2/5/17 Effective Cuing
2/12/17 Qualities of Movement
2/26/17 Class Plan Design
3/5/17 Yoga Styles YTT
3/19/17 Modifications YTT
3/26/17 Props
3/26/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga
4/2/17 History of Yoga
4/2/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga
4/9/17 Chakras
4/9/17 Teach One Another
4/23/17 Spirituality vs Religion
4/23/17 Teach One Another
4/30/17 Yoga in Workplace
5/21/17 Anatomy In English
5/28/17 Anatomy In English
5/28/17 Teach One Another
6/11/17 Teach One Another
6/18/17 Yoga in Workplace
6/25/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga
6/25/17 Teach One Another
7/9/17 Anatomy In English
7/9/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga
7/9/17 Teach One Another
7/16/17 Anatomy In English
7/16/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga
7/16/17 Teach One Another
7/23/17 Anatomy In English
7/23/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga
7/23/17 Teach One Another
7/30/17 Anatomy In English
7/30/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga
7/30/17 Teach One Another
8/6/17 Snippets How to teach Yoga

Edge Yoga School® Certifications
Students will earn Edge Yoga School® Yoga Certifications upon completing the following requirements:
Yoga I Certificate* – 40 training hours
Yoga II Certificate* – 100 training hours
Yoga III Certificate* – 200 training hours
(*not a Yoga Alliance program)

About Yoga Alliance 200 Programs
This class module may also be applied towards the 2017 Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training program. Modules are offered in a combination of workshops, training days, retreats, online, as well as during the Winter 2017 program running January to June 2017. There is no commitment to complete the entire 200 hour program, but students have one year to complete requirements unless other arrangements have been agreed to in writing. It is the sole responsibility of the student to complete all of the modules to earn certification.

Due to limited space, no refunds are available, but account credits can be transferred once to another party. Open to the public. Schedule subject to change.

Students wishing to earn their Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification must also complete the mandatory 65 training hours with the Lead Trainer Saturdays January 7, 2017 to March 2017, 9-4:30pm. No exceptions.

Visit www.edge.yoga for more information about our yoga teacher training programs!

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