Change is Hard

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Okay folks. I get it. Change is hard. It is easier just to leave things as they are and not to wake the sleeping dragon. If you’re content with where you are, great news…no changes must be made. But what if not? What if you find you’re living your life in the corner of the […]

Yoga Meets Pilates

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between Yoga and Pilates is? While these two disciplines may seem very similar, they are actually quite different. The good news is how well they complement one another. You know those swanky tricky balance postures everybody wants to do? They require core strength. Pilates is one of our […]

The People Unite

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We recently woke up to learn of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. At some point we have to ask, when and why did all of this begin? What happened? This sort of thing never happened when I was growing up. Several years ago, I stopped watching the news because I found all the hype […]

In pursuit of connectivity

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People seek connections. Humans have been in pursuit of connecting with others throughout history. Back in the day, women would assemble to do charity work alongside one another. Dating back to the Pony Express, loved ones would send word from afar. The Post Office reports 500 million pieces of mail being processed and delivered each […]

Raising your energetic level….that’s a thing?

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Have you ever noticed when you’re in the presence of certain people you just feel uplifted? Ever wonder why? It is often described as “something about them” that just feels good. This is their subtle body and it is the energy that they exude…and it is palpable. Now let’s try it the other way around. […]