A Letter to 2018

Namaste, Yogis. I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy New Year! Take a moment to reflect on this last year and embrace it. Whether it was the best year you’ve seen in a long time (or not) each moment we experience is a chance to learn.

2018 is off to a great start. The numbers 3, 8, 11 and 108 have much history in yoga. If you have some time, look into it some more.

Here’s what I really think….
Each moment is a choice. A choice to make it different than the previous moment, or to repeat it. If last year was of service to you and you are where you wish to be, simmer. Be present with that and bask in the moment. If last year did not bring you where you wanted to be, get ready to set out for an adventure. Create a new year that reflects a life you wish to live. Take chances. Have fun. Meditate. I’ll be rooting for you!

Shanti, M.

Embrace Time

The end of what you love or the beginning of appreciating what you have?

Often times we feel saddened when the holidays come to a close and family visits come to an end.

Tears may start to form when it occurs to you how long it will be before you’ll see your peeps again. It’s easy to become fixated on this.

Consider this, spend the time reflecting on what a delightful visit you shared. The moments of connection that often times lead to laughs. Big toothy grins on stories of times since passed.

Embrace the time you have with those you love and let go of the longing of what may or may not ever be.

After all, all we really have is this moment. Embrace it. Bask in it. Be in it.

Embracing Change….NOOOOO!!!!

Ahhhhh……letting go. We all know it is in our best interest to do it, so why does this prove to be so hard? There is something to be said for what is familiar. Our souls crave what we know. This can keep us in an endless loop, even when we don’t want to be there. This is the key…set an intention. Set an intention to make a change. One small change. Comb over it. Ponder it. What structure can you put in place to help the change come to fruition? The secret is to implement small daily habits and routines that, over time, effect change. Allow it to take time to gel, like Jello! When you make Jello, you take the time to choose what kind of Jello you want, choose a container to have it set in, leave it in the fridge and the magic happens while you wait! Whether you are looking to make an elaborate Jello mold, or you’re just throwing some in a bowl and call it good is up to you. Whatever you do, don’t fill your fridge up with ten different Jello molds! Choose one, make a plan, put structures in place, take action and allow the time to pass. So go ahead, give yourself permission to embrace change.

Michelle Rae Sobi

Should vs Could?

Should vs Could

Yesterday I had the good fortune of attending a workshop about reacting to the actions of those around us. As humans, we tend to assess situations in order to make sense of them. We are hard-wired to do so, and even as children are taught these “critical thinking” skills.

So let’s put it to the test and see what we come up with, shall we? Critical thinking is a good thing. Question everything, absolutely. Hands down. Now that I’ve been clear on my position of critical thinking, let me point out the difference between critical thinking and judgment.

Critical thinking is a process of breaking down facts – as we perceive them, that is – and assessing and assigning meaning to them. That is an essential part of our human experience. When, however, we find ourselves judge and jury of the actions of others, is when we get ourselves into trouble. Does this help us grow or does it simply grow our ego?

The ego loves to be right. When our beliefs are substantiated by our critical thinking process, we feel euphoric. When others challenge our beliefs, we often times become defensive and look to pick apart their credibility. It becomes the mission of the ego to dismantle the beliefs of others, in an effort to substantiate our own. We see this everywhere from our daily life to entire cultures that differ from ours. Let me tell you, my friends, this can be dangerous.

Now that we have a watchful eye on the ego, let’s shift the should and could, shall we? Be a sport and play along. Let’s say Sally should XYZ. That’s judgment. We judge what others should or should not do, based on our own personal beliefs and values. This is where the waters can get a bit murky. What happens when Sally’s core values and beliefs differ from our own? Does that change anything? I think so. It isn’t a matter of who is wrong or right, it’s a matter of what is wrong or right for the person, at the time. This key difference can shift one’s perspective away from judgment (ego) and towards understanding (enlightenment). This is not to suggest that one must align themselves with Sally’s core values. It is simply to suggest that we all have different ways of how we choose our human experience to be. The beauty of diversity is that is what makes life so interesting. It wouldn’t be very much fun to have everyone do, say, and think all of the same things.

How to shift?
Take the above example and cross out the word should. Remove it from your vocabulary. Replace it with the word “could”. Sally could do XYZ is a much less charged statement. It suggests that there is no right or wrong. At the end of the day, it’s up to Sally to decide what is best for her. It is up to each of us to decide what is right for us. I invite you to ponder on the reality of judgment for a time. Each of us has a human basic right to make our own path in life. Whenever you find yourself assessing what someone else should or shouldn’t do, I invite you to gaze within. Take that energy and apply it to your own hopes and dreams.

Curious about Probiotics?

We hear more and more each day about gut health and the impact it has on our overall health. 

Here’s the skinny….probiotics aid in good gut health. Did you know that our gut is considered our “second brain” and prompts endless hormone signals throughout our body? This in turn, affects our entire system. 

Knowing what we know about the impact of hormones on our body, it only stands to reason that our gut health is essential to our overall health. 

Want to learn more about probiotics? View today’s article in Elephant Journal now.  

The Yin & Yang Rabbit Hole

Dig deep. Dig deeper. A bit deeper than that. Okay. Now let’s get some work done…
Why do we do what we do? Are our choices instinctual or made of well thought out, executable plans? Have you stopped to think about it recently? 
Think about scratching the surface of the onion. Do you want to peel it? I’m not going to lie, it’s uncomfortable. Peeling the layers of our metaphysical onion takes us out of our comfort zone. So what do you say, want to go for a ride to your inner being?
Understanding why we do what we do is actually very easy when we gaze within. Close your eyes and imagine the first time you felt a certain emotion that you long to lose. Name the emotion…fear, anger, anxiety? The list is endless. If we can tap into the moment they were formed, we can more readily access and manage these feelings when they arise. Many people live their entire lives being managed by their emotions. With your emotional manager at the helm, you can count on chaos. While our emotional side serves us, it alone does not make for a peaceful life. Peace can only be accomplished by achieving a balance of the logical and emotional mind. Sort of a yin & yang approach to life. 
Sound scary, not ready? That’s okay! Simply begin by observing one behavior a day and see what comes up for you. There’s no need to take action. Just be a witness to what you do…and by extension…who you are. I’ll be waiting on the other side when you’re ready to fall down the rabbit hole. It’s a fascinating place. Join me!