Change is Hard

Okay folks. I get it. Change is hard. It is easier just to leave things as they are and not to wake the sleeping dragon. If you’re content with where you are, great news…no changes must be made. But what if not? What if you find you’re living your life in the corner of the dragon’s den? Do we live our days living a smaller life than we are capable of, in order to avoid change? Here’s what I found. You can either be in front of or behind change. The only thing that is constant is change. It will always be there, regardless of what you do. It’s part of the energy that makes up the world we live in. The Earth is constantly in motion. The universe and everything inside and beyond it, is in a constant state of change. So why do we, as humans, resist it so much?

What about an old pair of jeans is so wonderful anyway? 

Okay. You know how they feel. You know where you can and cannot wear them. You know exactly what to expect when you put them on. They’re soft and familiar. They feel good on your skin. 
Let me ask you this. What happens when your body begins to change and those same ole faved denims don’t fit the way they once did? This is not a good or bad thing. It just is what it is. Your body is constantly changing and if you are willing to explore some new jeans before it does, then you’ll always have pants to put on. Sometimes we have to put our big girl pants on and embark on that which is unknown. That which longs for change. 

So I extend this reading as an invitation to consider getting a “new pair of jeans”. Begin to think about what that might look like for you. Picture yourself beyond the current moment and embrace the possibility of something new. You never know, you may find you like skirts even better.