Living Naturally, Inside & Out…

Exactly what does that mean? I am so excited to be offering different options that can bring some natural solutions to the pesky things in life that may cause some discomfort. When we begin to heal ourselves internally the physical changes come more naturally. One natural choice to discomforts of life is offering the use of essential oils. Essential oils can be intimidating. With the right education and understanding essential oils can offer so much to your mind, body and spirit. So many questions arise when venturing into the world of essential oils. What are essential oils? What can they bring to my life? How do I apply them to everyday situations? What is the safety and correct ways of application? Why are there so many choices, and what does each do? What are essential oil blends, and can I create my own? Can my children benefit from essential oils? The realization that there are many more questions doesn’t elude me. Each week I will be presenting a different essential oil, as well as the benefits, uses and safety of each one.

 To start the week off let’s approach the fun of insects in the summer. The bug sprays that we option to use, have toxic chemicals that isn’t benefiting us or our environment. A natural option to bug sprays is the essential oil Arborvitae. Due to the tropolones this essential oil acts as a natural insect repellant. Rub some on your wrists, ankles and back of the neck to keep those pests at bay.

Not only does this oil keep the bugs away there are also emotional benefits. Arborvitae has the ability to bring forth feelings of peace and calm. Adding a few drops to a diffuser will bring feelings of calm, also introducing into your yoga practice can increase the effectiveness by bringing for soothing and relaxing.


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– Cassandra Henzen