New Moon with Saba

New Moon Meditation – Stepping Into New Year

With Saba Haider

Sunday, Dec 17th, 2017

Power Edge Yoga

6:30 to 9 pm.


This “New Moon Meditation with Saba Haider” will be the last of the year 2017. On this evening, we will come together to celebrate our community, our “Sangha” that we are blessed with through yoga, meditation, and mindful living. We will gather to give thanks to our friends who have been our supporters throughout the year. We will exchange gifts (even a dried leaf will do), eat sweets symbolizing the sweetness we receive in our lives from our “sangha”. We will all come together to pray and meditate for each other and the rest of the world for a brighter, more peaceful year full of growth and love. Finally, we will immerse in meditation to allow the true SELF to reveal itself to us.

Sweets, oils, journaling paper, pens will be provided to enhance the experience. Feel free to bring your own crystals, special oils, a small totem, that will become a reminder that “You Are Loved”, for the year 2018.

Gift Ideas- Dried Leaves, small rocks, twigs, thank you notes, hugs, beads, etc..

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