Social Media Got Ya Down?

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Do you find yourself cringing at social media these days? Desperately dodging charged or depressing images and posts? Let me ask you this…who’s on your friend’s list? I’m not saying to start an unfriending frenzy, but I am suggesting that you consider unfollowing some peeps who’s posts kinda stress you out. The world we live […]


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Eat this not that, my journey of eating less cheese… Okay folks, here’s the deal. I have always loved my cheese. Too rich? Nahhhh…cheese is tasty and delightful! So go on, give me that tasty saganaki, pizza, plus cannoli for dessert. You only live once, right? Well. Needless to say the cheese started to catch […]

Just Say No to Yoga Porn?

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Ok folks, let’s talk shop. Like most of you, I begin my day with my inbox full of newsletters, articles and other interesting news. This morning, I woke up to what I consider to be an exceptional article about…YOGA PORN! Wow. That got a second look. I receive many articles, but this one definitely got […]

Ohhh, My Achy Back!!!

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Do you have an achy back? Have you already done the do-see-do with your medical team and got the all clear? Maybe the culprit is tight hips! Many peeps come to the studio with stories of how their backs are stiff and tight, but their doctor hasn’t found anything wrong. To this, I ask them […]

Lean in to Learn

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Ok…I’ll admit it. I’m a master at calling the ending of a movie. It’s become a sport, of sorts. Since there is nothing better than a good puzzle, I would approach watching a movie pretty much the same way I approach everything else, with curiosity. Over the years, I’ve successfully called the endings of many […]

Why I started a Book Club…

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Ask yourself this. How many times have you wondered if you were having deja vu? You find yourself thinking the same thoughts. Doing the same things. Having the same results. Over and over again. At some point, it’s time to gaze inward and ask yourself….do I want to change? I know, it’s scary. That’s okay. […]