A receipt for your karmic debt.

Okay, Folks. Are you ready to payoff your karmic debt? You know the one that keeps you in a place of indebted service to others? I’m not suggesting that being of service isn’t a great thing…because it is. But being indebted suggests that you have to do it. You have to care for others and put them before yourself, again and again. If this brings joy to your heart, by all means, keep at it!
But if you are growing weary of rushing in to save those around you, it’s time to ask yourself if you’ve paid off your karmic debt. This can be hard to reconcile, I know. Here’s some clues that you’re getting close, if not already there. You’ve learned what you needed to know, you’ve taught what you could teach and you’ve left the situation better than you found it. Moreover, if you can say that you’re ready to be debt free and simply seek permission to free yourself of servitude, simply release yourself from it!

Let today be the first day that you put your own happiness before all others. Teach them the art of self care. Remove the guilt that has piled up at your feet and kick it to the curb. 

Let this next chapter of your life be one filled with joy and freedom. Welcome to being debt free!

Your receipt is attached.