Are today’s cool kids still cool?

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Flash back to junior high. The cool kids. Yeah, them…us….not us….not them. A time when being mean was cool. 😎  I remember even then wondering what was so cool about being cool. Wasn’t it better to be warm? Wiki defines Cool as moderately low temperature or alternatively an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, and style. Wait, what? […]

A Love Affair

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Sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes it’s like sailing with a cool, easy breeze beneath your wings. Allow yourself to embrace both, along with everything in between. Sometimes between the seasons is when we can catch a true glimpse into our innermost selves. If you are fortunate to see with your eyes open, you might […]

The People Unite

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We recently woke up to learn of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. At some point we have to ask, when and why did all of this begin? What happened? This sort of thing never happened when I was growing up. Several years ago, I stopped watching the news because I found all the hype […]