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Happy Thanksgiving

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are to have students like you. We wish you and your family nothing but the best this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

Let us show our appreciation with a ten-class pass sale for $49, usually $99.


Passes are valid for six months and can be shared with a friend. Studio policies apply.

Pilates Teacher Training – Thursdays Afternoons!

Join us for Pilates Teacher Training! All levels are invited! Did you know that Joseph Pilates used these core exercises in WWI to help injured soldiers rehab? So whether you aim to learn Pilates to hone your current practice or to become a teacher, this training is for you!

Register now for Thursdays 11:30-3:30 for Pilates training this month! Attend two Thursdays and get your American Council on Exercise CEC Pilates I Certificate! Tuition $189. More…

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day for children?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for children.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day for children?

An article by Frances Sizer & Ellie Whitney in Nutrition Concepts and Controversies.

Elders have long held that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for children, this bit of wisdom is now backed by science. A nutritious breakfast is a central feature of a child’s diet that supports healthy growth and development. When a child consistently skips breakfast or is allowed to choose sugary foods (candy or marshmallows) in place of nourishing ones (whole-grain cereals), the child will fail to get enough of several nutrients. Nutrients missed from a skipped breakfast won’t be “made up” at lunch and dinner, but will be left out completely that day.

Children who eat no breakfast are more likely to be overweight, snack on sweet and fatty foods, perform poorly in tasks requiring concentration, have shorter attention spans, achieve lower test scores, and be tardy or absent more often than their well-fed peers. Common sense tells us that it is unreasonable to expect anyone to study and learn when no fuel has been provided. Even children who have eaten breakfast suffer from distracting hunger by late morning. Chronically underfed children suffer more intensely.

Get the book: ISBN -13: 978-0-495-39065-7

Ripple Effects

People often ask me why I charge so much less than everybody else for yoga. Yoga is very near and dear to me and I feel like it can help make the world a better place.

Having lost my mother to Cancer at age ten, I have a strong connection with the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I want to help people take care of their body through physical practice, and their mind through meditation. Our stress levels these days are off the charts, and the trends continue in that direction.

So, I set off to explore why yoga is so expensive. A few obvious answers arose, including the cost of training. Now, it's only fair to say that I am a learning junkie and grab every opportunity I get to learn a new skill for my life's tool box. With that being said, I asked myself…what if? What if I offered affordable training and allowed flexible scheduling? How many more souls could then enter this magical field? The results have been staggering!

Since that time, I have heard from countless yoga peeps how yoga has changed their lives! I am simply humbled to be of service to so many people.

I often wonder about the "ripple effect" of yoga teacher training. These peeps will go out into the world and change lives, one student at a time. I am humbled to play a role in the betterment of humanity. I invite you to come play in my sandbox. You might just find yourself changing the world!