The Yin & Yang Rabbit Hole

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Dig deep. Dig deeper. A bit deeper than that. Okay. Now let’s get some work done… Why do we do what we do? Are our choices instinctual or made of well thought out, executable plans? Have you stopped to think about it recently?  Think about scratching the surface of the onion. Do you want to […]

Yoga Meets Pilates

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between Yoga and Pilates is? While these two disciplines may seem very similar, they are actually quite different. The good news is how well they complement one another. You know those swanky tricky balance postures everybody wants to do? They require core strength. Pilates is one of our […]

Ten Passes $99

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Did you know Power Edge Yoga offers Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Prenatal and Kids Yoga? Come check out the many classes we offer to fit your schedule and your budget! Ten classes are only $99, good for six month and can be shared with a friend. Join us!

Pilates Teacher Training – Thursdays Afternoons!

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Join us for Pilates Teacher Training! All levels are invited! Did you know that Joseph Pilates used these core exercises in WWI to help injured soldiers rehab? So whether you aim to learn Pilates to hone your current practice or to become a teacher, this training is for you! Register now for Thursdays 11:30-3:30 for […]

Ripple Effects

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People often ask me why I charge so much less than everybody else for yoga. Yoga is very near and dear to me and I feel like it can help make the world a better place. Having lost my mother to Cancer at age ten, I have a strong connection with the importance of living […]