The Yin & Yang Rabbit Hole

Dig deep. Dig deeper. A bit deeper than that. Okay. Now let’s get some work done…
Why do we do what we do? Are our choices instinctual or made of well thought out, executable plans? Have you stopped to think about it recently? 
Think about scratching the surface of the onion. Do you want to peel it? I’m not going to lie, it’s uncomfortable. Peeling the layers of our metaphysical onion takes us out of our comfort zone. So what do you say, want to go for a ride to your inner being?
Understanding why we do what we do is actually very easy when we gaze within. Close your eyes and imagine the first time you felt a certain emotion that you long to lose. Name the emotion…fear, anger, anxiety? The list is endless. If we can tap into the moment they were formed, we can more readily access and manage these feelings when they arise. Many people live their entire lives being managed by their emotions. With your emotional manager at the helm, you can count on chaos. While our emotional side serves us, it alone does not make for a peaceful life. Peace can only be accomplished by achieving a balance of the logical and emotional mind. Sort of a yin & yang approach to life. 
Sound scary, not ready? That’s okay! Simply begin by observing one behavior a day and see what comes up for you. There’s no need to take action. Just be a witness to what you do…and by extension…who you are. I’ll be waiting on the other side when you’re ready to fall down the rabbit hole. It’s a fascinating place. Join me!