Are today’s cool kids still cool?

Flash back to junior high. The cool kids. Yeah, them…us….not us….not them. A time when being mean was cool. 😎 

I remember even then wondering what was so cool about being cool. Wasn’t it better to be warm? Wiki defines Cool as moderately low temperature or alternatively an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, and style. Wait, what? What’s good about that? I challenge you to embrace your warmth and pass it on to all around you. Sprinkle that loving goodness all around your energetic sphere. Allow your sunshine to radiate endlessly. 

There will be haters. That’s okay. Let them be where they are. It is not your place to judge them. We can radiate warmth to the coolest of haters. Perhaps they will feel your sunshine and quietly relish in it alongside you. Be the source of love, light and warmth. Let the cool kids stay where they are. 

I’ve recently been studying the song “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac. One lyric really summoned my curiosity “starling flew for days”. After a bit of time on google, I came across the following meaning:

Starling teaches lessons of group etiquette, social standing and family relations and how you appear to the world in those relationships. He will show the nuances of the art of communication and vocalization which needs to be clear and expressive. It’s time to speak your voice. Starling can show how to be a fierce competitor to achieve goals along with using all the resources available to do such. Are you balancing your feminine/masculine qualities? It is time to accomplish tasks early and not wait until the last minute. Are you clinging to an idea, perception, people too tightly? Starling will teach much about sensitivity to others and working as a unity either in this world or another and will instill a sense of protection and hope. Credit

In the sea of love…where everyone would love to drown. So when you build your house, please call me home. 💕🎶🌝🌑🌗🌞🌺

Be love. I’ll meet you there. It’s nice and toasty warm. 🤗