What Do You Have To Lose?

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Today I was scrolling through my newsfeed and came upon a video meme that read: Oh my god, I hate my body, I’m never eating again…ten minutes later is seen overeating.  The post had hundreds of likes. Lots of laughs and comments agreeing to the point.  Let’s talk about it. The first rule of losing […]

Are today’s cool kids still cool?

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Flash back to junior high. The cool kids. Yeah, them…us….not us….not them. A time when being mean was cool. 😎  I remember even then wondering what was so cool about being cool. Wasn’t it better to be warm? Wiki defines Cool as moderately low temperature or alternatively an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, and style. Wait, what? […]

The Yin & Yang Rabbit Hole

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Dig deep. Dig deeper. A bit deeper than that. Okay. Now let’s get some work done… Why do we do what we do? Are our choices instinctual or made of well thought out, executable plans? Have you stopped to think about it recently?  Think about scratching the surface of the onion. Do you want to […]

A receipt for your karmic debt.

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Okay, Folks. Are you ready to payoff your karmic debt? You know the one that keeps you in a place of indebted service to others? I’m not suggesting that being of service isn’t a great thing…because it is. But being indebted suggests that you have to do it. You have to care for others and […]

A Love Affair

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Sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes it’s like sailing with a cool, easy breeze beneath your wings. Allow yourself to embrace both, along with everything in between. Sometimes between the seasons is when we can catch a true glimpse into our innermost selves. If you are fortunate to see with your eyes open, you might […]