Top Ten YTT Questions

Here are the top ten questions about our yoga teacher training, and answers…

    1. Q: Am I advanced enough in my practice to take the training?
      A: Yes! All levels are welcome to yoga teacher training! Whether you’re a seasoned yoga or just getting started, everybody can benefit from taking some time to gaze inward.
    2. Q: I heard the training is really expensive, is that true?
      A: Our training is priced at $,1899 and we offer monthly payments of $99/month.  Most people find they can afford our training.
    3. Q: Do I really need to quit my job to make time for the training?
      A: No. We offer flexible scheduling for our training. Train with us on any of our training days. Simply register for them each week, and once you complete the syllabus, you graduate.
    4. Q: Do I need to learn Sanskrit to pass the training?
      No. While we honor and respect the tradition of teaching in Sanskrit, we offer our training in English. Those seeking to expand their practice to include Sanskrit are encouraged to do so.
    5. Q: When does the next session of yoga teacher training begin?
      A: We offer year-round training so you can begin anytime. Keep in mind our sessions can sell out.
    6. Q: I have an injury and cannot do yoga. Do I have to wait to start my training?
      A: No. You can start anytime. Many students choose to audit the class and do not do yoga. The yoga postures (asanas) are only one part of the training.
    7. Q: Is this a Yoga Alliance Course?
      A: Yes! Upon graduation, you may register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200.
    8. Q: What is an RYT and how do the hours work?
      A: An RYT is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. An RYT-200 denotes a student has completed a 200-hour teacher training. An RYT-300 denotes a student has completed both a 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training and may register as an RYT-500.
    9. Q: Must I take the training in person?
      A: Yes. Yoga Alliance requires the majority of the training be taken in person.
    10. Q: Why is Edge Yoga School® tuition so much less than everybody else?
      A: We believe that the burden of expensive yoga teacher training tuition drives up the cost of public yoga classes. It is our intention to offer affordable yoga and the best way we know to do that is to offer affordable training.


Embrace Time

The end of what you love or the beginning of appreciating what you have?

Often times we feel saddened when the holidays come to a close and family visits come to an end.

Tears may start to form when it occurs to you how long it will be before you’ll see your peeps again. It’s easy to become fixated on this.

Consider this, spend the time reflecting on what a delightful visit you shared. The moments of connection that often times lead to laughs. Big toothy grins on stories of times since passed.

Embrace the time you have with those you love and let go of the longing of what may or may not ever be.

After all, all we really have is this moment. Embrace it. Bask in it. Be in it.

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Happy Thanksgiving

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are to have students like you. We wish you and your family nothing but the best this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

Let us show our appreciation with a ten-class pass sale for $49, usually $99.


Passes are valid for six months and can be shared with a friend. Studio policies apply.

Embracing Change….NOOOOO!!!!

Ahhhhh……letting go. We all know it is in our best interest to do it, so why does this prove to be so hard? There is something to be said for what is familiar. Our souls crave what we know. This can keep us in an endless loop, even when we don’t want to be there. This is the key…set an intention. Set an intention to make a change. One small change. Comb over it. Ponder it. What structure can you put in place to help the change come to fruition? The secret is to implement small daily habits and routines that, over time, effect change. Allow it to take time to gel, like Jello! When you make Jello, you take the time to choose what kind of Jello you want, choose a container to have it set in, leave it in the fridge and the magic happens while you wait! Whether you are looking to make an elaborate Jello mold, or you’re just throwing some in a bowl and call it good is up to you. Whatever you do, don’t fill your fridge up with ten different Jello molds! Choose one, make a plan, put structures in place, take action and allow the time to pass. So go ahead, give yourself permission to embrace change.

Michelle Rae Sobi