Take a little time for rest and relaxation…the healthy way!

Getting away is one of the best ways to recharge and rejuvenate! Make sure you set a little something aside on a register basis to ensure you have travel plans in your life! Life can be a lot of work and burnout can be at bay if you never get bayside! 
When on vacation, try to keep to your daily regiment of healthy choices. Starting your day with a workout can be easy to do with a bit of planning. Be sure to pack your favorite workout clothes and set an intention to begin each day with fitness. 

Choosing healthy eating can be a delicious treat! Skip the fried food for some fresh seafood. Consider a club soda with lemons as a refreshing beverage instead of sugar filled drinks that won’t serve you in the sun anyway. 

Above all else, set a daily reminder on your phone to remind you of your commitment to health. Even if you decide to take a pass and put on your do not disturb hat, at least you went for it!