The People Unite

We recently woke up to learn of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. At some point we have to ask, when and why did all of this begin? What happened? This sort of thing never happened when I was growing up. Several years ago, I stopped watching the news because I found all the hype just brought me down. Nowadays, I know when it’s time to tune into the news based on my Facebook feed. One post after another…Pray for Vegas.

For those of you who have been following my blog may know I’m reading Braving the Wilderness, authored by Brene Brown. In it, she speaks of the day the Challenger blew up. When the news came in, she was driving. Like so many others, she pulled over and began to sob. As a Texan, she had a comradery with the people of her state and a tie to the Challenger that was a bit closer. She speaks of how when people began driving again, they instinctively put their lights on. In so doing, they formed somewhat of a procession. A bond. A tie. A unity.

When tragedy strikes, people rise to hold a space for others that always leaves me hopeful. It’s human nature to want to unite, particularly when one of our own is being threatened. A oneness, if you will. So I implore you to continue to hold a space for all of humanity. Allow the consequence of these senseless tragedies to be love. Love for one another. Love for those involved. Love for those affected. It’s all we can really do. Find love.