Versatility is Melaleuca’s Middle Name Tea Tree Oil By Cassandra

Melaleuca or otherwise known as Tea Tree oil originates from Australia that was first used by the Aborigines for skin discomfort. Rubbing the leaves on their skin to stop irritation or discomfort. Tea Tree oil has commonly been known for the benefits it provides the skin, hair and nails. With its rejuvenating and healing qualities. This essential oil is wonderful to create your own hair care and facial care needs.

When the choice needs to be made how to bring comfort to your children’s pain, it’s already stressful enough knowing they are in pain, with natural options some of that stress of “what now” could be alleviated with the use of essential oils. I know when my baby was having any skin issues I always worried what to use on her precious skin. Especially those nasty rashes that looks just excruciating. With essential oils at your fingertips there is always a natural and safe solution to the discomforts in your life. The beauty of having the peace of mind knowing you have the natural answer is priceless.

I credit the Doterra blog for this recipe. If you ever encounter a rash that you would like a natural solution to apply, instead of those scary creams with ingredients you can’t pronounce refer to this recipe.

This easy recipe is simple, natural, and great for soothing and softening skin.

¼ cup virgin coconut oil
15 drops lavender Oil
10 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil)

Melt coconut oil in glass cup using microwave or double boiler
Add essential oils.
Store in glass container and leave in cool place. Apply when needed.
Have you ever wondered what would be safe to clean your makeup brushes with? Look no further than Melaleuca Essential Oil. Incorporating some fractionated coconut oil and a drop of Melaleuca oil you can create your own natural solution to the maintenance of your beauty needs.

When diffused, this oil can cleanse the air surrounding you. With its purifying qualities, Melaleuca can be used all over the home to keep bacterial threats away, as well as wake up the senses.

Did you also know that Melaleuca aids in strengthening the immune system? Add to some veggie caps and ingest. Or drop a drop into your water or drink, or smoothie to get the full immune boosting qualities. This list could go on and on. The versatility of Melaleuca oil is astounding. This little bottle of magic could be a new solution to so many stressors in life. There’s a natural solution to so many things in the world. We just need the education and the desire to learn more. More…